HVAC 3/4″ Armaflex Copper Insulation 1″ Thick Nominal Wall 6ft Long

HVAC Armaflex Copper Insulation 1″ Thick Nominal Wall 6ft Long. This is not PVC size insulation. If you still want to use for 3/4″ Sch 40 PVC pipe, the one that can fit well is 1 1/8th. This is for copper and sizes given are for copper.
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Rubber-Cal 845605000000 “HVAC Insulated-Flex” Ducting Ventilation Duct Hose, 8-Inch by 25-Feet

The “HVAC Insulated-Flex” hose is a superb choice for HVAC air duct use. These flexible ducts for air conditioning applications are double-ply insulated flexible hoses that are made of aluminum foil and PET film layers. Each HVAC flexible duct is insulated with glass wool material. This product is beneficial to consumers because of its affordable price point. It is definitely a more cost-effective HVAC ducting option than other competing flex hoses. It will also look good in any setting that it is placed in thanks to the shiny silver insulation material on the outside of the hose. The insulated nature of this portable air conditioner hose allows it to operate in both high and low temperatures. The double-ply insulated material of this HVAC flex ductwork allows it to function well in temperature ranges between -20 Degree F and 160 Degree F. Whether your application involves the transfer of cold air or hot air, these HVAC ducts for air conditioning uses can maintain their structural integrity with ease. A key advantage of this HVAC flexible duct is how easy it is to handle. This is a portable air conditioner hose that can be easily compressed for transportation purposes. This is a great HVAC flexible insulated duct to have if your applications are constantly on the move. Each flexible hose comes in several different internal diameter (ID) options. The available sizes are 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″. No matter what size you get them in, all of the HVAC flexible ducts come in a shiny, metallic silver color. These ducts for air conditioning are meant for residential and industrial air movement applications. It is a fairly adaptable flex hose that can function well in a variety of venues. Use this HVAC ducting for applications such as AC ventilation, cold air supply, confined space ventilation, utility blowers, dehumidification and more. Get this HVAC air flexible duct today to have the best insulated product for your air movement applications!.
Compressible and easy to transport
Extremely cost effective insulated duct
Provides acoustical as well as thermal insulation
Insulation maintains temperature of air inside hose
Ideal for use for permanent and mobile air condition units

Mastercool 99103-A 2-Way HVAC Digital Manifold

Mastercool 99103-A 2-Way HVAC Digital Manifold has a large easy to read LCD that displays Pressures, Saturated Temperatures, Actual temperatures, Superheat and Subcooling temperatures for over 60 refrigerants. Mastercool 99103-A manifold case is constructed of ABS material and protected by a rugged rubber boot. Note: This model is the manifold only. Vacuum sensor and thermocouple clamp sold separately.

Pressure Display: PSI, INHg, Bar, MPa, Kg/cm2

Temperature Display*: °F or °C

Deep Vacuum Display*: Micron, mBar, KPa, mmHg, Pa, Torr, mTorr

Sensing Resolution: 1 psi (.07 Bar, .007 MPa, .07 Kg/cm2)

Sensing Accuracy: ±1 psi or 1% of reading (whichever is greater)

Working Pressure: 0 to 750 psi (52 Bar, 5 MPa, 52 Kg/cm2)

Proof Pressure: 1000 psi (70 Bar, 7 MPa, 70 Kg/cm2)

Refrigerant Temperature Range: -40 to 200°F (-40 to 93°C)

Operating Temperature: 32 to 122°F (0 to 45°C)

Temperature Accuracy: ±1˚F (±0.5˚C) between 32 to 160˚F (0 to 71˚C)

Storage Temperature: 10 to 120˚F (-12 to 49˚C)

Connections: 1/4″ M-Flare

Power: 9V DC battery with optional AC/DC adapter

Battery Life: 30-36 hours pressure and temperature mode only(continuous use)/25-30 hours vacuum and backlight mode (continuous use)

Auto-Off: 15 min. with disabling capability

Refrigerants: R11, R12, R13, R21, R22, R23, R32, R113, R114,
R115, R116, R123, R124, R125, R134, R134a, R141B,
R142B, R143, R143A, R152A, R176, R218, R290, R401A,
R401B, R401C, R402A, R402B, R403A, R403B, R404A,
R405A, R406A, R407A, R407B, R407C, R407D, R408A,
R409A, R410A, R410B, R411A, R411B, R412A, R413A,
R414A, R414B, R417A (ISCEON MO59), R422A (ISCEON MO79),
R422D (ISCEON MO29), R427A (FX100), R501, R502, R503,
R504, R507A, R508B, R509A, R600, R600A, R601, R601A

*Require additional vacuum sensor and thermocouple
Over 60 Refrigerants
Displays Pressures, Saturated, Actual, Superheat and Subcool Temperatures

Hilmor 1890995 HVAC/R Starter Kit

Hilmor’s HVAC/R Starter Kit includes some of the most revolutionary new tools on the market. Tools to help you handle superheat and subcool with no sweat. Tools to help you flare and swage tubes without needing a third arm. All with the goal of helping you get in, get out and get on to the next job. Not to mention, get your foot in the door. – See more at: http://hilmor.com/products/starter-kit#sthash.77C1OsG7.dpuf.
Includes 12 different items
60″ Hose Set
Hex Key Folding Set

GearWrench 83094 Career Builder HVAC Add-on Set for Technical Education

KD83094 Features: -Featuring premium Gear Wrench products and other leading brands from world class manufacturer, apex tool group.-Carefully selected tools for specific educational programs and a lifetime of professional use. Includes: -Includes the Gear Wrench Surface Drive technology for optimum torque and to prevent fastener rounding. Dimensions: -Dimensions: 9-Inch H x 12.5-Inch W x 20.2-Inch L..
Featuring premium GearWrench products and other leading brands from world class manufacturer, Apex Tool Group
Carefully selected tools for specific educational programs and a lifetime of professional use
Includes the GearWrench Surface Drive technology for optimum torque and to prevent fastener rounding

Duck Brand 240225 HVAC Metal Repair Aluminum Foil Tape, 1.88-Inch by 50 Yards, Single Roll, Silver

Almost everyone has a Duck Tape story to tell, usually praising its remarkable strength and versatility. Duck Brand Metal Repair Aluminum Foil Tape has a wide range of applications, both traditional and nontraditional, making it even more useful than ever! Because of its strength and adhesive properties, Duck Brand flex foil tape combines both the excellent sealing and protective benefits of aluminum with the superior adhesion of Duck Brand Duct Tape. This UL181A-P listed silver adhesive tape is approved for use on metal air ducts and is rated for flame spreads and smoke development. For use with a temperature range of -20 to +200-Degree (Fahrenheit), the flex foil tape has application characteristics and ease of handling similar to pressure-sensitive tapes. Metal Repair Aluminum Foil Tape is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and is ideal for sealing both cold and hot air ducts. Each roll of Duck Brand Metal Repair Aluminum Foil Tape is 1.88 inches wide x 50 yards long. Duck Tape is great for any repair – anywhere.
Combines the sealing and protective benefits of aluminum with the ease of use of tape
Rated for flame spread and smoke development
Indoor/outdoor use
Ideal for sealing both cold and hot air ducts
Single 50-yard roll

4 Valve Manifold Dual Gauge R404A R410A R22 R134A HVAC Diagnostic Charging Tool

Our easy to read 2-3/4″ gauges feature 4 PSI scales (R143a, R404a, R410a,)

Heavy duty aluminum manifold body is highly durable and lightweight

The built in sight glass allows you to see if the system is functioning properly and when to change the charging tank

Diaphragm valves with swivel seals provide a better seal and resists wear

Vibration resistant gauges feature a flutter-free design with provides accurate readings

Our manifold gauge set is designed to meet 1/4″ Standard SAE requirements for refrigerant permutation

Convenient hook allows for the manifold to be hung in place

Heavy duty solid brass connections resists wear and last a lifetime

Color coded hoses help identify the hoses for added convenience

Can be used for automotive or household air conditioning units

45 Degree angled connectors provide easier access


Operating Pressure 800 PSI

Burst Pressure 4000 PSI

Hose Connectors 1/4″ SAE

R410A Connector 5/16″ SAE

Hose Length 5 Feet

Compatibility R134a, R404a, R410a,


1 x 4 Valve Manifold Gauge

2 x R410a Brass Adapters

1 x Red High Side Hose

1 x Blue Low Side Hose

2 x Yellow Service Hose
Reading Gauge Diameter: 2-3/4″
(4) 5 Feet Color Coded Charging Hose: Red (1/4″ SAE), 2x Yellow (1/4″ SAE), Blue (1/4″ SAE)
Working Pressure: 800PSI / Burst Pressure: 4000PSI
Pressure In PSI Measurement Fahrenheit Degree (F)
Compatibility R134a, R404a, R410a,, Carrying Case Included

Ansell ActivArmr 97-002 Kevlar/Stainless Steel HVAC Glove, Nitrile Coating, Adjustable Cuff, Large (Pack of 1 Pair)

The Ansell ActivArmr HVAC work glove is made with woven stainless steel and Kevlar synthetic fiber to protect the hand against cuts when working with sheet metal and other sharp-edged materials during HVAC maintenance and repairs. The palm is coated with foam nitrile for improved grip in both wet and dry environments compared to uncoated palms. The glove is form-fitted, allowing flexibility and finger dexterity when working with hand tools, and has an adjustable wrist closer to keep debris out of the glove. This glove is rated with ANSI Level 3 cut protection.

Work gloves help protect the hands, can cover the wrists, and sometimes extend to cover part, or all, of the arm. Work gloves are typically constructed from leather or heavy cotton and are suitable for use in construction, mechanical, landscaping, and do-it-yourself applications to help protect against minor cuts and abrasions. Work gloves for use in manufacturing and construction industries can be made of woven, high-strength synthetic fiber, to resist cuts from heavy machinery and withstand high levels of heat without melting. Work gloves may also be made of, or include, flame retardant material, for use in welding and other heavy-duty applications.

Ansell manufactures surgical, examination, industrial, and household gloves, as well as protective clothing. The company, founded in 1905, is headquartered in Red Bank, NJ.

Woven Kevlar and stainless steel helps protect hand from cuts
Palm is coated with foam nitrile for grip in wet and dry conditions
Form-fitted to improve finger dexterity
Adjustable wrist closure helps ensure a proper fit to keep debris out of the glove
Rated to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Level 3 cut protection